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August 31, 2020by hooterbux-venture0

Today, Instagram is the top social media platform for brands, advertisers as well as consumers. According to latest statistics, over 800 million users are active per month on Instagram. More than half of the platform’s active users visit the site daily, and 35% check it multiple times a day. In addition to this, more than 72% of Instagram users have purchased something they have seen on the site. All these statistics point to the fact that Instagram can be helpful for brands and businesses to grow their customer base, advertise their products and bring in a steady increase in sales. By implementing the right digital marketing strategy with Hooterbux Venture, Instagram will bring in new customers! Learn a few Instagram hacks and tricks to get started with a strong digital presence!

Answering the ‘whys’

Before you begin actively using Instagram, be sure as to why you are using it, what is your goal behind using it, what is it that you want to achieve from it and what should be the end result. If you have outsourced digital marketing solutions to grow your social media presence, tell them what you plan on achieving from this. In short, be clear! Each type of page produces different type of content. For instance, if you are a digital influencer, the content must teach the audience a few simple hacks. Once you establish what kind of social presence you would want on Instagram, only then can a strategy be drafted! The content you publish will build a relationship with the consumers, this relationship will build a trust and the trust will generate revenue!

First impression will be the last impression

The first thing any potential customer will see is the profile picture, your bio and the latest 5 posts. Just as the landing page of any website link must be optimized for a good impression, your profile must be too! While drafting a username, make sure that it is meaningful, relevant, easy to remember and SEO driven. Your profile picture is your brand face. That’s the first thing any potential customer sees, even before clicking on your profile. If you are a company, it would be helpful to put your company logo as the profile picture to establish authenticity. If you are a digital influencer or a designer, any professional photo could work too; however, you could design a creative logo of your own to attract audiences. The next step is making sure that your profile is a Business Account. Once you turn your account into a business one, remember to mention the category your account falls in (e.g. Digital creator, Advertising, Writer, etc.) Instagram provides insights and statistics for Business accounts to track their social presence. The next step, and a fairly important one, is the bio. Your bio will tell the audience what you are. Be succinct and concise. Draft the bio in such a manner that the audience will immediately know what you can provide for them. Instagram bio has a character limit of 150. Write the bio accordingly. There is no need for writing SEO driven content or including hashtags in Instagram bio. Instagram allows you to incorporate a clickable link address in the bio. Make use of that!

Once you have built this, start creating and posting content on your feed. The key is posting the right kind of content to stay relevant to the current followers and to bring new followers. To create the right content, you must know your audience well. Come up with a core idea. Research it. Create an attractive graphic. Draft a caption. Include hashtags. Post it on your feed. The process is this simple.

To make a lasting impression on the audience which views your profile, create a theme for your feed. Your feed should be a clear reflection of what you offer combined with witty and innovative designs. Here is where content comes to the fore. Graphic content should be short and catchy. While captions can be elaborate. Instagram shows only the first 2-3 lines of your caption followed by a ‘Show more’ tab. Include eye-grabbing and important information in the first 2 lines of your caption. The initial content should be compelling enough to make the audience read the entire caption. It’s always a great idea to include a CTA in your caption. It makes the caption engaging! Don’t be in doubt to use the emojis. Establish your brand voice through your captions. The next step is including hashtags. Identify and optimize your hashtags. You can even create your brand hashtags. According to statistics, 70% of Instagram hashtags are branded. Be wise while using them to boost your engagement. Hashtags definitely help you increase your reach, however, it is only helpful if you produce quality content for an aesthetic and engaging feed.

Instagram, being acquired by Facebook, allows you to run paid targeted ads. Your post blends in with rest of the content, and is therefore not found invasive to the audience. If you have the budget to run targeted ads, go for it! If you follow these Instagram hacks and tricks, you will definitely see positive results in a span of time. Additionally, you can always sync your Instagram profile with your Facebook page. Digital media marketing companies like Hooterbux Venture can come up with creative and elaborate online marketing strategies to boost your social media presence.

The story behind the story

Stories are one of the key components where you can employ the following Instagram hacks and tricks. Instagram stories remain available for 24 hours and disappear after that time. Despite this fact, stories have a far better reach than posts. Stories are a great way to promote your products and services. Offer discounts, run fun contests, tell what your company is up to. As stories vanish after 24 hours, you can experiment with them. Incorporate hashtags in your stories and hide them through blending them with the background. By doing so, your reach will boost. Instagram offers the feature called ‘Highlights’ where you can save some stories on your feed for people to view even after 24 hours. Utilize highlights to gather all your best and creative content.

It’s all in the consistency

Create a posting plan and digital strategy for your brand. Be consistent with posting on your feed as well as on the stories.  Posting regularly increases the possibility of more people viewing your content and thereby, following you. According to statistics, top brands on Instagram post 1.5 times each day on average, which comes out to 10 or 11 posts a week. Timing is also a crucial part of posting. Top brands usually post during office hours for better reach. All the above mentioned Instagram hacks and tricks won’t work if you don’t post regularly and consistently!

Analyze and keep a check

This is the most important step of your Instagram posting strategy. While you experiment with your feed and content, keep a check on whether it is working or not. Use Instagram Analytical Tools to analyze. Instagram provides an in-built Instagram Insights tool, however, you can use other tools like QuintlyBrandwatchSocial bakers, etc. If outsourced, digital media marketing companies can be useful in tracking your overall growth.

In conclusion, in today’s times, it is crucial for businesses to have a strong social media presence to survive. Instagram allows you to promote your product through story-telling and in a tone that attracts consumers.The end goal of using these Instagram hacks and tricks is to convert your followers into customers, increasing your brand value and sales. Wisely used Instagram will not disappoint with ROI for sure!

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