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How to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign | HooterBux

August 28, 2020by hooterbux-venture0

Marketing campaigns are those tools that make companies memorable. Well-designed marketing campaigns stick with the audience for a long time and have a lasting impression, which leads to brand identity and purchase. Through them, you can reach consumers in different ways. They follow a focused theme or idea. The campaign caters to the emotions of the audience. For instance, Dove had an FBI sketch artist draw a woman from how she described herself, and then from how a complete stranger described the same woman. The drawings were completely different, and Dove shared a compelling statistics that only 4% of the women around the world consider themselves beautiful. Influencer marketing Campaign can be powerful in putting forth the desired message and can broaden the customer base of the company if run the right way. Therefore, campaigns fall under the digital marketing strategy of the company.

Before mapping out a campaign, establish the answers to the following questions:

  • What are you trying to achieve through this campaign?
  • Who are you trying to reach out to and why?
  • How can you engage your audience?
  • Why do you want to run this campaign?

Once you answer these questions, you will have a clear idea of why and how you want the campaign to shape up. Digital media marketing companies will be able to plan a fantastic influencer marketing campaign for you.

If you won’t be taking any help from any digital marketing companies, creating an entire campaign might sound complex and daunting, but it is a relatively easy process. Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Set clear goals

Before designing a campaign, be clear as to why you want to do this particular campaign. Ask the question ‘Why?’ to your campaign. Are you running this campaign to increase your reach? To increase brand loyalty? To generate leads? To promote a new product? To increase sales? To improve retention rate? To raise brand awareness?

Create specific goals. If you create specific goals, you will be able to plan your strategy in a detailed manner. Every successful digital marketing influencer marketing campaign strategy thrives on specificity.

Step 2 – Assign a budget

It’s important to set the right budget for your campaign. Remember, the budget must be realistic. It should be big enough to communicate your message effectively but small enough so that your profit margins are maintained.  Assign a budget on the basis of how important the campaign is for your business.

If you are planning to outsource your campaign to digital media marketing companies, be clear about your available budget to your digital marketing services providers. Their input on online marketing strategies will help you plan out a budget for the campaign.

Step 3 – Define your target audience

To define you’re your target audience, know who is going to use your product and understand the general demographics of the audience. For instance, if your business is related to e-commerce, your target audience is the students. While designing the campaign, keep in mind their age, needs, interests and motivations behind buying your product. If you are planning this campaign to increase your brand loyalty, the most important thing to do is to thoroughly understand your customer. If you are designing this campaign to expand your reach, know the interests and needs.

Before starting to design your campaign, ask yourself why your current customers choose your business over thousand others in the market. Identify what is it that you are providing and others are not. Always focus on your strengths. Digital marketing companies study your product in great depth to target the right audience.

Step 4 – Choose a media for your campaign

You will only be able to choose the correct media for your campaign if you know your target audience well. Taking the same example of an e-commerce business as above, a good media for campaigning would be social media platforms as the target audience is students. For a successful campaign, know what media is used by your target audience. The goal of your campaign will also determine the media you must use. If you are planning to increase online sales, PPC ads and social media would be a good platform. To increase foot traffic for seasonal promotion, television and newspapers would be perfect. For lead generation, social media would be useful.

Digital marketing services are experts in social media handling, internet marketing strategies, lead generation marketing and PPC services.

Step 5 – Key Message

This step is the most crucial step of your campaign. This is where you can show all your creativity. Brainstorm for content, note it down and see what appeals the best to you. The content should be compelling and should resonate with the audience. Before brainstorming for the content, ask these two questions: ‘what should the content speak’ and ‘how should the content be represented so that it gives a clear message’. The message formatted should be innovative and should speak to the audience’s needs and interests. The message should also cater to their experiences. For campaigns, remember that less is more. The content should be concise and graphically attractive enough to capture the attention of the audience in just 3 seconds. The best example of this would be Nike’s tagline – ‘Just do it’.

You can be creative with your CTAs. The CTAs must compel the audience to click. A good example of a fun CTA is Starbucks’ “Swipe up to try”. It grabs attention due to its uniqueness. Netflix uses the CTA ‘Join Free For A Month’ so that the audience knows that they have a backtrack option open for them. Make sure that your entire content and graphic speaks clear message and is eye-grabbing. Optimize your website landing page through landing page development as that is where the customer will be redirected to if he/she clicks on the CTA. After completing this, the influencer marketing  campaign is ready to go live!

Step 6 – Results

Once you have executed all the above steps, your campaign is all set to go live. You must constantly monitor the results of your digital marketing strategy. If one aspect of your campaign is thriving and another is not, consider making changes in it. At the end, study the results. Considering your campaign is successful, think about capitalizing on it. If your campaign is not successful, inspect what went wrong and how you can improve it the next time.


If you feel the need, compare your influencer marketing campaign with that of your competitor. Study their marketing strategy. Differentiate yourself. Digital media marketing companies can definitely be a big help for your campaign. However, if you follow these 6 super easy steps, you will be able to run a successful and influencing campaign without their help too!


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