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September 7, 2020by hooterbux-venture0

When it comes to running a business, there is bound to be positive and negative customer feedback. Especially, if you are into the digital media marketing business, feedbacks are a part of the entire package. While receiving a positive feedback is pleasing, dealing with a negative feedback can be quite a daunting experience. Here’s a blog which will tell you how to deal with customer feedback!

To set the base line, customer feedback is extremely important. A business runs on mouth publicity. In today’s digital world, it is easy for consumers to express and voice out their experience with a company online. And once the feedback is posted online, it is visible to the entire world. However, how you react to this feedback is also seen by the world. This becomes a part of your online marketing strategy.

Before we begin, remember – “A happy customer tells 3 friends, while a disgruntled one – at least 15 people!”

Listen to what the customer has to say

If the customer shares a positive feedback, listen graciously. Digital media marketing or marketing in general works on the relationships you build with your clients and customers. Give an ear to their thoughts and views, make them feel heard. If the customer feedback is negative, listen to their complaints without interrupting or retaliating. Let them share their negative experience wholly and try to gauge the problem from their account of details. It is difficult to hear criticism and problems about your work, but in the end, it is through critical reviewing of problems that you improve. Once they have finished recounting their experience, ask questions, probe deep into the problem till you find the root cause. At Hooterbux, we make it a point to ask questions to reach conclusive answers.

A small ‘Thank You’ and ‘Sorry’ goes a long way

During a positive feedback, thanking the customer for a good review shows that your company cares. It helps in building customer loyalty. In times of a negative customer feedback, thank them for notifying you about the persistent problems. If a customer takes up the digital platform to post a negative feedback, always reply within the appropriate time frame. Acknowledge their negative experience. If you are in the wrong, own up to it and apologize. Ensure your customer that you are looking into the problem and will be rectifying it for a future enhanced experience. Answering bad reviews build consumer confidence in your brand and business. The digital platform has a glaring
flaw in it – the screens don’t convey the tone of your message, making it vulnerable to misconceptions and misunderstandings. Be careful when you reply to online customer feedback. Make sure that your tone is conveyed the way you want it to be in and the message is clear and succinct. Remember – when you address a disgruntled person online, you are speaking to a potential client!

Communicate with your teammates

At the time of a positive feedback, make sure that you mention the efforts of your team and convey the good feedback to them. The acknowledgement and appreciation of their efforts from the client keeps up the morale of the team and motivates them to work even harder. During a negative feedback, have a healthy discussion with your team. Discuss the problems, loopholes and map out a constructive digital strategy to avoid them in the future. When you communicate with the team, all members are updated about the problem; therefore decreasing the probability of it repeating in the future. Good communication always helps in building the accuracy of the job. Whenever we receive any kind of feedback from clients at Hooterbux, we share the feedback with the entire team to engage in a goal-oriented discussion.

Solve the issue

This is the most important step. It’s easy to react on the feedback, but what’s more important is that you act upon it. Look into the issue and solve it. Take the necessary action to make sure that the problem doesn’t arise in the future. There is always a way. As Lou Holtz said, “Don’t tell me how rocky the sea is, just bring the ship in.” Team Hooterbux leaves no stone unturned to solve the issue at hand. Once you solve the issue, inform the disgruntled customer that you have taken the required action and have made sure that such a problem doesn’t arise again. When you address the dissatisfied consumer over a social media platform, your potential consumers witness that you solve issues and that your brand values customer care.

Create customer feedback emails

When you create a customer feedback email, incorporate all details necessary for to understand the problems or merits of your company. Leave room for subjective personal feedback. Customer feedback emails generate a personalized experience for the consumer and can help retain customers. You can also put an optional customer feedback on your website so that it doesn’t feel invasive to the customer.

To sum up, the best outcome can only be achieved if the development of your company is added with acting upon and implementing customer feedback. Conversation with clients about what they like and what they are not happy with is valuable for marketing strategy. After all, customer comes first! However, accept that a negative customer feedback you have received now is not the end of it. There are going to be more in the future. If you work in digital marketing, there is going to be a rift in expectations and practical reality; no matter how you plan and deploy your digital strategy and digital marketing solutions. Don’t be demotivated by it. It is through accepting and rectifying
mistakes that you grow!

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