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COVID-19 has wreaked havoc globally and affected all industries on a large scale. There has been a noticeable change in consumer behavior, indicating the need for a different approach to marketing.This pandemic is a tedious and trying time for everyone. Almost none of us have ever faced a complete lockdown, with zero social contact with the world. To cope with this, the world has moved on to the digital platform for business as well as personal connections. This being said, social media remains to be the only thread to stay connected with the world! Now is the time to alter your social media marketing techniques and work for a strong digital presence to enjoy everlasting impacts.


The world is slowly moving towards change. The widely used traditional marketing techniques cannot be applied in times like these. They need to be thoughtfully reformed. It is crucial to identify your market and the opportunities it provides for you. Recognize the gap that needs to be filled. Every gap is a new opportunity. Be mindful of the new expectations that will arise out this habitual change in the workings of the market. Devise a digital marketing strategy and take your advertising on the digital platform.Research your market. Identify the problem. Address it. Provide a solution. Attract customers. In short, go digital!


Social media is a great, free tool that runs on demand and supply. With the entire population of the world locked into their homes, the use of social media has seen an enormous hike. According to a recent report, Facebook reported 70% increase in the time spent on this platform during the lockdown. The customers have moved on to social media and so should your marketing strategies.

It is important to create the right content and make sure that it reaches the right audience. The social media is flooded with news about COVID-19 and its everlasting impact on all industries. There is a saturation of such content. What will attract your target customers and garner their attention is unique, creative and innovative content presented in an equally unique style. To produce such kind of content, one must stay on top of trends, topics, sentiments and feedback. In these emotionally testing times, it is of utmost importance that the content used to market your product is sensitive and empathetic towards the situation and the customer. It should cater to the emotions of the customers to induce the expected reaction. To quote a few examples, Lifebuoy carried out a ‘Lifebuoy salutes Moms’ campaign on the occasion of Mother’s Day spreading the awareness of hygiene by catering to the specific emotion people have for their mothers, or Converse carried out the #CreateAtHome campaign stating that creativity can’t be quarantined.By presenting your content in such a creative manner, a connection with consumers is established today, which will ensure brand loyalty in the future. Apart from digital storytelling, social media provides us another strong tool to reach our target customers – hashtags. Hashtags are the Google Maps of social media through which the consumer boards a wagon that will take him/her to us! It is wise to be strategic yet innovative with your hashtags so as to widen your customer base. In the end, it all comes down to fresh content.


Even though social media is user-friendly, it can be confusing and overwhelming for beginners. Digital marketing companies help you overcome all the hurdles of social media and make your digital presence interesting and strong at the same time. These digital marketing companies devise plans which will increase the reach of your product/brand and help you grow.  Digital media marketing companies have an extensive knowledge of web designing, website development, SEO tactics, designing campaigns, content marketing, content strategy, etc. which affects the overall growth of your brand. Once your social media presence starts garnering attention, the customer base witnesses a steady growth. Especially in times where all business happens online, digital advertising of your brand and its goals works wonders.

In conclusion, don’t let the looming uncertainty of COVID-19 times stop you from taking your marketing tactics online. The age of Digital Media Marketing has descended upon us and it is here to stay. Leveraging social media for business and engaging into social media marketing will lead to steady growth in the market. If the social media is used wisely, it will definitely procure maximum benefits!

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