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September 28, 2020by hooterbux-venture0

Search Engine Optimization has been around mid-90s; however, its real importance has come to the fore in the past decade. SEO is that dynamic and ever changing digital strategy which can make it or break it for you. As Cyrus Shepard says, “The beauty of SEO is that, instead of pushing a marketing message onto folks who don’t want to hear what you have to say, you can reverse-engineer the process to discover exactly what people are looking for, create the right content for it, and appear before them at exactly the moment they are looking for it. It’s pull vs. push.” SEO and ROI share a deeply analytical and inter-dependent relationship. The more efforts you take on SEO, the more ROI will be generated. So how do you work on your SEO? Read ahead to know…

For once, traffic is good!

In today’s age, if you want to sell something to the customers, they must find you online. The visitors to your website are the opportunities your business has to share its brand, to give an impression, to build relationship and to get potential customers. Website traffic can grow your business. To increase your traffic, SEO comes in handy. As Phil Frost of Main Street ROI says, “Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” SEO makes your website visible in search results. At Hooterbux, we provide SEO services in Pune and analyse its results for staying ahead of the curve. According to statistics, 90% traffic goes to the first page of the search results; and out of that 90%, 60% traffic goes to the top three spots. Looking at these statistics, the importance of SEO becomes doubled. However, not all traffic is helpful. By employing techniques that will attract the right audience, you must fish for quality traffic. The traffic that your website gets must include is targeted potential customers, customers who are ready to buy, regular customers who want to buy more and customers who don’t need a lot of convincing to buy. How will you attract such traffic? Here’s where optimizing website for SEO and SEO web design comes into the picture.

SEO-friendly website

Every image, every design, every tool, every tab and every piece of content on your website must be created to appeal and draw quality traffic your way. Make your SEO web page design flawless. Employ website design services for SEO specificities. SEO is updated with various tools like Keyword Analysis Tool, Ranking Tool, Content Effectiveness Tool, Link Building Tool, Technical SEO Tool, etc. to help your website rank better in the search results and attract quality traffic. Create compelling graphics. Be succinct with your content. Incorporate keywords into your content. Do internal linking and outbound links for a better reach. Provide excellent UX/UI designs through SEO. At Hooterbux Venture, we specialize in UX/UI designing. Work towards landing page development. Optimize your website. Your website should be that converging spot of a Venn diagram, which covers what Google wants to rank, what works for visitors and what visitors want to buy. How would you accomplish this? The answer lies in creating an impeccable user experience.

Customer is king

On page and off page SEO form an important part of the digital marketing strategy that you must deploy. Google tracks and analyses how people respond to your website. In addition to this, according to a survey, 44% people who visit websites that are not user-friendly will share their negative experience either through mouth publicity or on the web directly through social media. Once a review goes on the web, it stays there forever. The extended part of the above mentioned survey states that 90% people check online reviews before buying a product and 94% of those 90% people avoid businesses below a 4 star rating. This is the reason why it is crucial to focus on user experience when it comes to your website. If you employ digital media marketing companies to do SEO for you, they are well equipped with all tools. However, if you are planning to do it by yourself, you must take note of the following points. Make your website mobile-friendly and make sure it downloads within 3 seconds. This makes a large impact on the audience. When you invest in SEO, people stay for a longer time on your website; buying you more time to sell your product. Keep in mind, that you have just 8 seconds to make a lasting impression on the consumer to make him into a potential customer. In these 8 seconds you have to grab his/her attention with unique selling points of your product, readable and catchy content and clear graphics. Give your potential customer a full experience of possessing your product and its effect on their lives in just 8 seconds so that he/she will read more about it and giving the buying a serious thought. Google also ranks your website according to your bounce rate. Bounce rate determines how many people visit your website and leave without clicking on anything. The higher bounce rate implies that they did not find what they were looking for. Google gives less visibility to the websites with higher bounce rates. Compel your traffic to click. “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall 

Summing up, working on SEO is important to generate ROI. You can always engage in competitor analysis where you can analyse their use of SEO. It is very difficult to pull yourself up from a low Google ranking, which is why it is necessary to updated right from the beginning. When your organic traffic increases and this traffic leads to sales, it is the indication that you are getting SEO ROI.

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