HR Executive

Job summery

To manage the company-wide administration of the HR function, ensuring alignment with the company’s strategic objectives, mission and values with executive assistant duties including but not limited to managing schedules, maintaining confidential files, gate keeping, communication with employees and outside contacts.

Pune, Maharashtra

As per skill level

Permanent, Full-time

21 Applicantions

Key Areas of Responsibaility

Designing of Social Media Posts, Banners, Cover pics, Creative designs, Digital media banners, posters, etc.

Designing diverse print variants such as Visual-Aids, Brochures, Snippets, Posters, logos & Covers for products and services

Creating and executing design concepts and developing artwork for a variety of Multimedia activities

Ensuring consistency of brand and program identity throughout all stages of project development

Responsible to develop Booklets, Visual-Aids, Brochures, Diary, Newsletter, Snippets, Posters, Logos & Covers for products and services.

Required Skills

Successful applicants will to possess a proactive and sometimes indendent approach, particularly when it comes to studying and build commercial awareness, which require bot self-motivation and commitment..

Experience with group benefit and welfare plan design and administration.

Experience with federal and state compliance as related to benefit and welfare plans and human resources related legislation.

Experience in Employee Relations.

Experience in Human Resources policy development and implementation.

Effective oral and written communication skills.


0 – 3 years

Good communication skills (Speaks English and Hindi, Marathi),
Presentation, Documentation.

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